316 High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

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316 High Temperature Pressure Transmitter
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Model Number: 316
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Model Number: 316
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Packaging Details: WHITE BOX
Supply Ability: 15000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Name High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Model Number : 316

OverviewThe high temperature pressure transmitter uses a high stability pressure sensor module. Through high reliability amplifier and precision temperature compensation, the pressure of the measured medium is converted into a standard signal (4... 20mA, 0... 5V, 0... 10V and so on) to output.


Boiler and heat system

Engine gas

Petrochemical Industry

process control in industry field


High quality diffusion silicon induction element, high precision and high reliability

Design of polarity protection and anti-jamming circuit

The design of high temperature heat dissipation structure is suitable for the measurement of high temperature medium.

Digital display products are optional


  1. Measuring medium: Liquid, gas, or steam compatible with SUS316

    2Pressure range : -100kPa…0~35kPa…10MPa

    3Safe overload : 2 times the pressure range

    4Medium temperature : -40…250 ℃ (With heat reducer can up to 400℃)

    5Ambient temperature : -30…85 ℃

    6temperature coefficient: ±0.05 %FS/ ℃

    7Out put signal: 4…20mA ( 24V DC)

    0…5V (24V DC)

    0…10V ( 24V DC)

    8Load : Current:RL≤(Ub-9)*50Ω


    9)Accuracy : ±0.5%FS; ±1%FS

    10)Stability : ±0.5%FS/year

    11)Process connection :general type: M20X1.5;G1/2; customizable

    12)Electrical connection : DIN43650; Other connectors are optional

    13)Protection degree: IP65

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