Widely Euromag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Wireless Water Flowmeter

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Widely Euromag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Wireless Water Flowmeter
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Warranty: YES
Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Model Number: CX-EMFM
Type: Variable Area Water Flowmeters
Experience: More 20 years
Exported: More 80 countries
Accuracy: 0.5%
Quality: World-class
가격: Competitive
Installation: Easy
Maintenance: Less and Easy
Application: Widely
Medium: Water Liquid
Product Name: Electromagnetic Flow Meter
인증: ISO, CE
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인증: ISO, CE
Model Number: CX-EMFM
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Packaging Details: carton/wood carton/polywood carton
Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Wireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter

A.[Features of Wireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter]

Various kinds of meidum

Prefessional for conductivity liquid,such as corrosive liquid;mud and slurry,water ec.

Various kinds of Output

The Wireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter with pulse;4~20mA and RS485 output optional

Various kinds of type

The electroWireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter have three types,integrated,Split and Plug-in

Various kinds of Lining and Matereial

The Wireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter have PTFE,Rubber Lining and cast steel;stainless steel body material


Production Name ElectroWireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter
Medium water;wastewater;Mud and varioue kinds of conductivity liquid
Diameter DN10~DN2000mm
Accuracy +/-0.5%
Temperature <80℃(rubber); <180℃(PTFE)
Pressure 4.0Mpa(DN10~80);1.6Mpa(DN100~150);1.0Mpa(DN200~1000);0.6Mpa(DN1200~2000)
Flow speed 0.3~10m/s
Requirement of pipeline Upstream ≥5DN;Downstream≤3DN
Electrode Stainless steel 316L(standard);Titanium;Tantalum;Hastelloy
Lining PTFE;Rubber
Connection Flange;thrad;clamp on
Body material Cast steel ;stainless steel
Power supply 220V;24V;Battery
Output Pulse;4~20mA;HART;RS485;MODBUS;GPRS
Communication HART;RS485;MODBUS
Explosion proof Customized
Protection IP65 or IP68
Environment Environment:-20~60℃
Power <20W

Item The Electrode table
Material The Medium
SS316L For:Living water; wastewater;Corrovise water and Mud,etc;
Hastelloy B For:Non-oxidizing acids at concentrations less than 10%;NAOH Concentrations less than 50%
Hastelloy C For:Mixed Acid and Oxidizing salts
Titanium For: Salt and weak acid ;Not application:hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and other reducing acids
Tantalum For:hydrochloric acid(<40%);Sulfuric acid and Other oxidizing acids
Plantinum For:Almost all acid-base salt solution But not application for aqua regia, except ammonium salt
Tungsten carbide For:Pulp ;sewage ;slurry


1.Installation location

  • Avoid the magnetic objects and equipment with stong electromagnetoc field;
  • should installa the flow meter at ventilated location;
  • Avoid the location wherer ambient temperature above 50℃ and relative humidity above 90%;
  • The water flowmeter should be installaed at somewhere spacious;
  • The Wireless Digital Mini Micro Electronic Water Flow Meter should be installaed behind pump and the value should installa at downstream.

2.Installa the flow sensor

  • Must to ensure the pipeline is fulled and without bubbles to keep the high accuracy;
  • The flow direction shoudl keep with sign on the body of flowmeter;
  • Ensure the double electrodes keep Horizontal;
  • If the medium is mixed by liquid and solid,Pls installa it at vertical to extend the working life of lining;
  • If the environment with shocked pls installa the bracket at both front and behind;
  • If the medium is pollution liquid,should installa the flow meter at bypass pipe and don't interrupted when you on service;

3.Requirement of Straight pipe

  • The straight of pipe at inlet must more than 10×DN,Suggest 15DN;at outlet,the straight pipe at least 5×DN;

  • If at the upstearm of flowmeter,there are values,elbow,the straight must need 15×DN;
  • Pls installa the shut-off value at both front and behind of flow meter;

4.Installation advance

  • The installation location for you reference

D.[Company Info]

  • Our Company is Top 10 Manufacture on Alibaba;
  • We have about 30 years of experience in Manufacture;
  • Our products have been exported to more 100 coutries and area;
  • ISO,CE and more ceterficates for you reference;
  • Patent technology and more than 3 years working life

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