Best Selling Neoprene CE ISO Btu Electromagnetic Meter

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Best Selling Neoprene CE ISO Btu Electromagnetic Meter
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Model Number: MGG/KL-GB
Nominal diameter: DN6-DN3000 best selling electromagnetic BTU meter seller
Accuracy: 0.2% or 0.5%
Max working temperature: 180C
Temperature sensor: PT1000
Liner material: Neoprene, PTFE, PU, ceramic, FEP and PFA etc
Electrodes material: SUS316L, HB, HC, Ti, Tan, stainless steel coated with tungsten cabide
Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC, 3.6V battery type
Signal output: 4-20mA, pulse, alarm
Communication: Modbus, Hart, GPRS, GSM
Protection grade: IP65, IP68 are optional
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Model Number: MGG/KL-GB
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Supply Ability: 3000 Set/Sets per Month best selling electromagnetic BTU meter seller
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best selling CE/ ISO electromagnetic BTU meter

I.MGG/KL-RG model CE/ ISO electromagnetic BTU meter
MGG/KL-RG model electromagnetic heat meter consists of electromagnetic flow sensor, temperature sensor and electromagnetic heat converter, which is used to measure the released heat from heat-carrying fluid. Using high accuracy and high reliable electromagnetic flow meter to measure the flow and high accuracy and high reliable platinum resistances to measure temperature; using high speed 16-digit single chip to calculate data, so electromagnetic heat meter has very excellent measuring performance.

Basic character:
1.Accuracy will be not influenced by the changes of heat carrying fluid viscosity, density, pressure and conductivity, fluid distribution etc;
2.Without resistance components and pressure lost in measuring pipe, it will not be influenced by bad water quality;
3.Using 16-digit single chip to calculate data, platinum resistances to measure temperature, electro- magnetic flow meter to measure the flow, to ensure high accuracy, stable and reliable running and excellent performance;
4.Velocity range: 0-15m/s;
5.Big screen back light LCD display, English menu, you could read clearly in the sun and hard light;
6.With data display functions at the same time of accumulative heat, accumulative flow, instanta- neous heat, instantaneous flow, water inlet temperature, water outlet temperature and temperature difference etc, and you could inquiry the parameters of flow velocity and power cut record;
7.Using enthalpy hot correction method of random temperature change to ensure accurate measure- ment in different water temperature conditions;
8.With uniform DC signal and frequency signal output functions, and such function could be switched between heat and flow parameters;
9.With batch processing(quantitative output), equivalent pulse output and keying reset functions;
10.RS485/RS232, Modbus and Hart digital communication output, it is very easy to realize remote communication;
11.With users password function, they can not change the working parameters if they do not have

Main technology parameter:
1)electromagnetic flow sensor

Nominal diameter: DN50-DN1000mm;
Nominal pressure: 0.6-1.6Mpa(Special pressure could be customized);

Connection method: flange connection;
Working temperature: -10℃ to 180℃;

Pressure lost: no
2)temperature sensor

Temperature sensor type: PT1000
Installation method: protection tube

Temperature measuring range: -50℃ to 200℃

3)electromagnetic heat converter
Temperature measuring range: -30℃ to 180℃;

Temperature difference range: 1℃ to 90℃;

Temperature resolution: 0.01℃;
Analog output: 4-20mADC/600Ω loading resistance(it could be shifted between heat and flow parameters)
Pulse output: max frequency 5000Hz, pulse width 0.1ms-999.9ms(it could be shifted between heat and flow parameters)
Communication: RS485/RS232, Modbus, Hart are optional; Heat unit: KJ, MJ, GJ, kwh, Mwh
Protection grade: IP65(remote type sensor is IP68) Power supply: 220VAC(110VAC-245VAC), 24VDC
Power consumption: ≤20W

II. MGG/KL-ICRG Electromagnetic heat meter
MGG/KL-ICRG Electromagnetic heat meter is based on radio frequency card(contactless card)as hot water meter for the information carrier of IC card manage- ment, It’s consist of sale of water management system (including management software and reader-writer ), electromagnetic heat meter, contactless card, valve, etc. The instrument used the high precision accuracy and the high reliability electromagnetic flow meter for flow measurement. It also used platinum thermal resistance with high accuracy and high stability for temperature measurement and make the heat meter has very excel- lent performance measurement; meanwhile it has the advanced intelligent lock valve and Implementation of 20 KAILIU INSTRUMENT prepaid measurement concept. Which can be widely used in the occasion of heat measurement for heating and air conditioning in residential , office buildings and enterprises and institutions. It’s feature are low power consumption , high precision , strong anti-jamming , anti theft measurement , good reliability and easy installation, etc.It can achieve remote data acquisition , processing , display , preservation , billing and automatic control , etc. The meter has achieved heating management information and modernized instrument for heat supply management.

The feature of smart IC card management system:
1. Prepaid function: It can achieve management mode of buy heat before use and effectively solve the problem of cost default;
2. The balance of alarm: Valve closing will warn one time when residual heat is less than the alarm value set. In order to avoid delay user is normal heating and arrange the time to buy heat ,user can use IC card open valve after them find valve closed;
3. Hoarding limited functionality: The meter is limit for users to buy heat. Hoarding limited value can be set up by the IC card and instrument will not be read user's purchased heat in card when the sum of allowance and amount of top-up beyond the limit;
4. Card and value refund function: The users can check the card and value refund at any time;
5. Report the loss of card function: User can re-make a card in management terminal if the user lose the card. 6. The original card is invalid after re-made;
7. The data cards function: Management terminal will extract service data of instrument from the IC card. It including cumulative dosage, and the rest of the dosage, dosage of the month, the valve state etc, when the user purchase heat in every time.
8. One card is only for one meter: By setting up users password and check code way to achieve one card only for one meter. It’s meaning one user special card is only for one meter, others are invalid;
9. Preventing magnetic interference function: when meter and the strong magnetic interference affect the normal measurement of the meter, meter valve will close, magnetic interference elimination is available after the user card punching valve;
10. Automatic maintenance function of the valve: Valve switch regularly is effectively avoid the phenomenon of fouling and can’t open valve when rust, in favour of the valve is working for long time.
11. Changed the mode of indoor reading meter, reduced management cost of heating department, the users can decide to premium time and quantity by themselves, increase the autonomy of users;
12. Convenient to perform beyond the heating fee of the plan and the fee of step wise, and others complex heat using management modes, etc.
13. It can effectively solve the problems about measuring the dispute, heat using dispute, corruption charges, heat using with human relationship, the difficult of heat using statistics etc.

III. MGG/KL-DCRG model battery power electromagnetic heat meter
MGG/KL-DCRG model battery power electromagnetic heat meter consists of specially designed sensor excitation system and high performance lithium battery power system, and using 16-digit flushbonading micro power consumption processor, digital signal treatment, with the characters of stable running, high accuracy and strong anti-interference performance etc, and the functions of site instantaneous heat, accumulative heat, water inlet/outlet temperature display, self-diagnostic faults alarm, RS485 port and GSM/GPRS data wireless remote transfer etc; the users could realize data wireless remote transfer and storage by strong GSM/GPRS remote monitoring management software system.

Main characters:
1. Micro power consumption design, five 3.6V lithium battery, continuously work for 5-10 years, and
easy to change batteries, remote type converter support automatic power automatic switchover of DC3.6V/12V and 220VAC multi-channel power source;
2. Big screen back light LCD display, it could display accumulative heat, accumulative flow, instantaneous heat, instantaneous flow, water inlet temperature, water output temperature, temperature difference and alarm symbols etc;
3. Without movable and resistance components in the measuring tube, it could not produce intertwine and blocked phenomenons, there is nearly no pressure lost, and it could continuously work more than 5 years; 4. Velocity range: 0-15m/s;

5. Accuracy: 0.2%, 0.5%;
6. Stable measurement: accuracy will be not influenced by the changes of medium temperature, pressure, viscosity, density and other physical parameter;
7. With functions of pulse output, RS232/RS485 ports and GPRS wireless data remote transfer(support GSM, WCDMA and CDMA);
8. Data storage function: it could save 1000 groups of flow data, and storage time intervals could be any set and inquiry the data;

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