Liquid Flow Water Meter FlowmeterBest Electromagnetic Smart Electromagnetic LKG Price

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Liquid Flow Water Meter FlowmeterBest Electromagnetic Smart Electromagnetic LKG Price
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Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Model Number: LKG
Type: Variable Area Water Flowmeters, Variable Area Petrolum Flowmeters, Variable Area Oil Flowmeters, Variable Area electromagneticr Flowmeters
Normal diameter: DN10-30000mm
velocity range: 0.3-10m/s
Degree of accuracy: 1%
Environment temperature: -25℃- +60℃
Output signal: 4-20mA, Pulse
Supply voltage: 220VAC; 24VDC
Power dissipation: ≤15VA
Digital communication: RS-485, support standard Mudbugs-RTU protocol; GPRS
electrode materia: Stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C/B, titanium, tantalum, platinum
기본 정보
Model Number: LKG
결제 및 배송 조건
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
제품 설명
Product Introduction Electromagnetic Flowmeter is suitable for pipes with diameters of 10 mm to 3000mm. They are based on Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction. The meter features flanged construction and is available with choice of Liner and Electrode materials. It has excellent accuracy and flow rangeability. The meter is suitable for use on wide range of corrosive and aggressive range of conductive liquids.
Advantages of Electromagnetic Flowmeter 1.High-precision measurement. It is Not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changes. 2.Simple structure,reliable function,the long working lifetime of no transmission. 3.There are no block and cut-off parts,so the phenomenon of pressure loss and liquid block is not existed. 4. Low Installation requirements. The front straight pipe segment is only required to be 5D, and the back straight pipe segment is 2D. 5.There are a variety of choices of lining and electrode, which can meet the requirements of measuring a variety of conductive flow 6.Modbus-rs485, HART, GPRS, PROFIBUS and other communication signal output (optional) 7.There are two models:integration and separation 8.High definition LCD display.
Technical parameter of Sensor
Model Number
Signal electrode and the ground electrode material
Stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, titanium, tantalum, platinum
Normal diameter
Temperature range
Measure medium
all of liquids and liquid-solids whose electric conductance ratio is less that 5us/cm
Supply voltage
220VAC; 24VDC
RS-485, support standard Mudbugs-RTU protocol; GPRS
Device type
integrated/Split type
Other requirements can be customized
Operating principle of Electromagnetic mass flow meter
When the conductor cuts the magnetic field line in the magnetic field, there will be induced electric potential in the conductor. The size of the induced electric potential is proportional to the effective length of the conductor in the magnetic field and the speed of the conductor in the magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. Similarly, when a conductive fluid flows vertically in a magnetic field and cuts a magnetic induction force line, it generates an induced potential at the electrodes on both sides of the pipe.
Detail pictures
Production process and site
Company Profile
Product packaging

company advantage

1. Research and development
1) After years of development and design, Zhonglong flowmeter has made great progress
in both appearance and technology, and has met the current and future market demand.
2) Zhonglong has always been committed to the field research of flowmeters to ensure the good work of flowmeters under different conditions and in different industries.

2. The production
1) The workshop has advanced production and testing equipment, which is clean and tidy.
2) Production line workers have worked in Zhonglong for many years and have rich experience. Zhonglong also provides them with professional pre-work training to ensure good processing of products.
With the help of the production manager, the workers are very efficient. The usual delivery time is 15 days.

3. Quality control
1) Raw materials will be tested before use. Only qualified ones can be sent to the warehouse
2) After each process, professional personnel will use advanced equipment to test the semi-finished products
3) The finished product should be thoroughly tested again before packaging. After the packaging is complete, the packaging should be tested again.
4) Periodic maintenance of production equipment.

4. Certification
1) The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA 18000 quality system certification, all products have passed the explosion-proof certification and measurement certification.
2) It has invention patent and utility model patent of tube bundle type Coriolis mass flowmeter, utility model patent of dry probe vortex flowmeter.

5. After-sales service
1) Frequently asked questions will be handled within 12 hours.
2) Provide professional advice and technical support
1.Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We are A professional flow meter company integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Our products have passed the test.
2. Q:What's your products MoQ?  A: Different model has different MOQ, pls check with salesman.
3.Q: What's your delivery time?   A:  The batch order can be shipped to you within 7-15 days after order confirmation 
4. Q:How many qty so I can get your OEM service with the order?  A: Different Models have different MOQ requirement, pls contact our salesman. 
5.Q:How is the price?  A:As we believe the quality is the most important,we will provide the best quality pressure sensor we can with reasonable price 
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